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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  January 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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cops say his father is trying to find the teen but really won't cooperate with the investigation. he claims that back in guess, he kicked his son out of the car for his bhadad attitude and he han't seen him since. he's about 5'9", short brown hair and brown eyes. >> we also have an update on a body discovered floating in a local lake. the victim is 42-year-old christopher atkins. he was found dead tuesday on broward college's south campus. it's not known yet how he died, but foul play is not suspected. and at the state capitol, a push to convince lawmakers to oppose a bill that would allow guns on college campuses. debbie wasserman schulz calls the idea troubling and disturbing. she doesn't think the state should be armed to the teeth. a house bill is ready for consideration but a senate bill is stalled in committee. a similar bill failed last year. wasserman schulzsed to serve
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represents parts of broward and miami-dade counties on capitol hill. two brothers are in jail accused of pointing a laider erlaz arer late at a sheriff's helicopter when it was on patrol. the men taunted by in-dull onlyingonly thinking in the light show for several minutes. luckily e pilots were al to land the aircraft safely. tonight fwrepdriends and family will gather to remember and honor one of the marines presumed killed if the crash last week. he was just 22 years old. he was on one of the two choppers that collided during a nighttime training mission. the search for remains and debris was suspended just yesterday. a few days ago he was locked up in an iraniniamir hekmati returned
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the former marine says disbelief turned in to joy when he and three fellow americans realize they were being freed as part of a nuclear deal. hekmati of is the first to be released from treatment in germany. the others are expected to return to the states very soon. hekmati was convicted by iranian court of spying in 2012. he was sentenced to death in 2012. but he was later given a ten year sentfnce on a lesser charge. hillary clinton wrapping up her fight against bernie sanders. the two now locked in a bitter battle to win democratic contests in the early states. sander fighting back with new ads showing his movement is growing. here is edward lawrence with more from washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton targeted the heart of senator bernie sanders s pport. young people. today the former secretary of state spoke at colleges in iowa. >> in theory, therere is a lot to like about some of his ideas.
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a president has to deliver in reality. >> reporter: undecided students are listing. >> politics as usual, is that what our country really needs or do we need what bernie is interest int^oducing. >> reporter: sanders is leading in the polls in new hampshire. >> our job is to create an economy th works for working families and not just a handful of billionaire campaign contributors. >> reporter: in a new political ad sanders uses images of millennial voters and pictur from his huge crowds. beyond the first would contests, sanders is hiring staff to cover all 1 is1 have tuesday states. a day after releasing her own campaign ad, clinton repeated the themes that she he is presidential. >> i'm the only candidate on either side with the experience and judgment to keep us safe at
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>> reporter: with 11 days to the iowa caucuses, clinton and her supporters are pututng on the full court press. hillary clinton also criticized senator bernie sanders single payor health care plan an his lack of foreign policy experience. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. new mbers show more than 1.5 million floridians have signed up for obamacare and had their coverage automatically renewed. the greatest numbers coming from right here in south florida, about 600,000 people. floridians represent a little more than a sixth of the 8.8 million americans across the nation who have now signed up or had their coverage renewed. at least one dead and another rushed to the hospital and we'll go live right now to sharon lawson to that recording studio that turned in to a crime scene.e. what is the latest? >> reporter: well, authorities releasing few details and not giving us even the informamaon
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and killed outside this recording studio and this warehouse that is now riddled with bullets. one of the guys inside the studio said he heard at least ten shots. and then he and dozens more ran to cocoer. the tracks and beating fell flat this morning. >> i heard bullets. >> reporter: an indivual with 87 entertainment studio who wants to remain anonymous scissors he didn'tsays he didn't know the victim. >> i ran inside. when they first started shooting. >> reporter: it's being reported one person was killed, another taken to the hospital after a drive by shoing. the terrifying scene unfolding outside this warehouse in the area of northeast 191st street and 3rd court iniami-dade where signs of the shooting were evident. >> bullets coming throu the studio. we were getting down on the ground. it was crazy. >> reporter: authorities releasing few details only sayinghat four men were inside the car when another vehicle
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>> did you it go out side to see what was happening? >> yeah, i mean, we were scared to come out side because we didn't want nobody to dull back. >> reporter: the drama leaving business owners and residents on edge like raul alphonso. >> i got the gun, came e the door. >> reporter: fortunately the suspect was long gone and although he's saddened someone lost their life, he wasn't surprised. >> this was about to happen anytime. expect this to happenanytime. because there is a always a lot of people there and a lot of commotion. >> reporter: and back out live, we're being told that the second victim who was shot was taken to the hospital by his friends. no word on his condition. in the meantime, apthorities are going through surveillance video that was obtained through the studio. they're not releasing it to the media at this hour. but once again asking if you have any information, contact
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stoppers, 305-471-tips. sharon lawson, nbc 6 news. miami police are mourning the passing of a long time officer who truly lived. harvey nierara died early this month of lung cancer. a miami native, harvey was a track and field star at northwestern high who was later drafted by the new y yrk jets in 1968. he played one season before he was called to serve two years inyears in the reserves. he will be most remembered for his big heart. he helped refurbish homes for the elderly and donated turkeys on thanksgiving. he was 70 years old. a florida woman wants to thank a father and son who helped save her life but first she has to find them. she post this had yellow sign in her ft. myers neighborhood asking for the father and son to come forward.
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taking a stroll last week when she suffered a heart attack. her husband was unable to help her because of a recent shoulder injury. fortunately that dad and son were walking hair dog@ and rushed over and held her up until paramedics arrived. the yellow sign is now all the buzz in that neighborhood. >> makes me excited about life. people can do good things. >> truly hope that she finds the person that helped her out. >> reporter: there is a phone number on the sign for the father and son to call, but so far she hachtsn't heard from either of them. well, still ahead on 6, an oklahoma police officer on the wrong side of the law. >> today he faced the music. plus he was on top of the world when he picked the winning numbers. how the life of a a former forklift came to a tragic end. plus an nfl player wooing his fans on and off the field. how this linebacker jumped into
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hero. and we are just michtnuting away from unveiling the official show poster for the coke put grove arts festival. in this room right now, the poster artist. we will see who he or she is when we up veil it in just minutes. things warming up, clouds moving in. winds will shift to the north by tomorrow night. thunderstorms as well tomorrow. and then the big cooldown. and investigators are working for you. if you have a story you want
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in a little over an hour, the state of alabama iset to cacary out its first execution in more than two years. christopher brooks has been on death row for murder of jodine campbell. she was killed in her apartment in 1992. christopher brooks was charged and convicted of raping and killing her. her sister and mother are travel to go alabama but are still not sure if they can attend the actual execution.
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holtzclaw targeted black women while on patrol. he was convicted last month on 18 counts of rape and sexual assault against 13 women. holtzclaw's lawyer claim prostitutes and drug abusers misconstrued his efforts to try to help them. and many came forward only after an investigation suggested that they might be victims. tennessee judge will not dismiss charges against two high school coaches and athletic director in connection to the sexual assault of a basketball layer. prosecutors argue they broke the law when they failed to report suspected chchld abuse. four freshmen basketball players were apparently assaulted while out of town for a tournament. one player required surgery because of injuries. a hospital official is the one who notified police. an unfortunate he said for recent winner ofhe georgia lottery. the forklift oerator struck it big last year only to die a violent deh. police are searching for who may have killed him in a deadly home
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the 20-year-old won more than $434,000 in a fantasy five jackpot. he used some on buy christmas precfnts for people in need. agents are now work to go solve the . a sno bothered at the center of and online video accept seation could face charges after possibly triggering a an avalanche. he was wearing a personal video camera when he went down a steep run. video captures the 2-year-old getting partially buried under the cascading snow of the avalanche. and then fighting his way back to the surface.e. his friends were in the area, as well, which hasaseen closed to the public since 2010. the resort says he trig ared thegered the avalanche.
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the officer found a 16-foot burmese python sunning itself on a levee in the grade. it was part of the annual python removal competition. the snake was humanely euthanized and turned over to the dropoff locations so scientists could collect data. over 600 people are participating in the contest to help conserve the ecosystem. the competition runs through february 14. a pelican needed a helping happened when it bit off more than it could swallow they're port st. lucie. animal services were called when somebody spotted a wild pelican choking on a fish head that got lodged in its throat. a worker opened the bird's beak and inserted her arm into its mouth. took her just seconds to pull out the fish head. and that pelican was just safely released into the water. and you can't get much cuter than this. florida wildlife hospital now
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pups found in a construction site. a homeowner was replacing the driveway. the five week old pups have spent the past two weeks at the facility. if they rvive, and we hope they do, the early period of their lives they will be moved to a large outdoor enclosure with a pool before released back this to the wild. they will be trained on skills they will,need to survive like how to catch food. all things considered, not soo bad. you'll see tonight is that thin sliver of hope that you have to enjoy the outdoors here. so nice night even though we have clouds out there. most of the evening should be dry. we'll show you ground proof here with live first alert doppler. just a couple of really light sprinkle we've been noticing in and around key west.
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rest of the keys looking dry. miami-dade and broward also on the dry side. so nothing to worry about across south florida for the early evening anyway. let's talk temperatures again. this will be the big story over thenext 24 hours or so, maybe 48 hours. temperatures pretty uniform. and in a good way. mild, 60 in jacksonville, up to the low 70s in miami. all of us here across florida feeling a southeast breeze right now, high pressure camped out right here just off the jacksonville coastline. so those southeast winds actually continuing to feed this system. this will be the doozy here, the one right across the lower mississippi valley. it will be heading off toward the east/northeast. already been tracking tornado warnings with this, a lot of wind, big temperature differences. and then as it continues to work off toward the north and east, we will be talking about big winter storm issues. here are the watches and warnings. everywhere you see pink, we're talking winter storm warnings from memphis through northern
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the red, these are blizzard warnings out for d.c. the green, these are blizzard watches places like philadelphia. going to be herring themeasuring the snow in feet. and winds gusting over 50 miles per hour through this region. over 800 plus flfghts already canceled rgtsz canceled. what does it have to to do us? the cold front will be slicing through south florida. stor tomorrow. the southeast winds keeping us mild tonight. a couple showers working in after midnight. you'll notice once we continue and the rafld. here is 7:00 a.m., could be a bit of a wet morning commute. possible that we get a little bit of a break here midday. winds will be kind of coming in from the south. if we get a sunny break or two, these storms could potentially be even stronger. we expect maybe one or two strong thunderstorms out of this. here is the 5:00 time frame and then after that, things get much, much cooler.
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fifth for the low saturday morning. 48 on sunday. the winds will be a little calmer sunday, so probably the best feeling day out of the weekend. but i'm telling you, really windy about into friday and saturday. so thinking about taking the boat out, let's pass on this until maybe early next week. >> have g.good advice. the coconut grove arts festival will be unveiling whose name has been added to a long list of respected artists. roxanne vargas is live with more on this. >> reporter: this is an excellent tradition that we have here. not only do locals look forward to the festival, but especially the unveiling of who has the distension of being the official show poster artist. you see everybody is lined up ready to go.
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here is a look pack at some of the most respected artists who have had this honor. take a lok. for over five decade, coke thut grove das been home to the number one outdoor art arts festival in the country welcoming more than 360 artists from around the world. unveiling the poster aertist, a tradition. who will it be, what will we see? last year the arts displayed his work all over the world. each year the official poster for the coconut grove arts festival celebrating the essence of the grove. the colors of our community.
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artists to newer emerging artists, artrtts, marine biologists dr. harvey. whose name will be added to the list of artists at the 53rd annual coconut grove arts festival? we have the answer for you right here, right now. so if i could have everybody in the room and all of you at home watching count down with me. i'll step outof the way. here we go. three, two, one -- there you see it, beautiful bold to celebte south florida. a local artist, madeline abling, she relocated to south florida from ohio. she was actually an attorney and she practiced in orlando. but then she realized, hey, what i really love, what really fulfills me are the arts. and be i love the fact that she has not held back. there she is. she says i don't want to be restricted by paint brushes, so
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that beautiful palette. and i just love the bold yellow. it's very contemporary. you see the sailboats and of course you seeeautiful coconut grove. there is so much to be celebrated right here at coconut grove. what we will be celebrating as official proud sponsors of the 53rd amnnual arts festival. we celebrate art every single day of the year here in our community in south florida. so no doubt a huge honor for our locals. and we will continue bringing you all the classic events and all the new stuff. of course you can get a closer look happening the 13th, 1414th and 15th of february. it's just around the corner. wewee live at the coconut grove
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ahead on 6, hailed as a heho. >> a winning move by a pro athlete. >> he pulled her out like she was a rag doll. >> more on the linebacker turn good samaritan ahead. plus the nfl no longer just for men. the first full team female coach next. and then tonight at 6:00 -- >> wild life photography up close and personal. the class full of high school kids learning the art of wildlife photography practically on their own campus. that storyryoming up. and if you see news happening, take a photo or shoot video.
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e-mail to i see@nbc big news in the world of football. the buffalo bills hired kathryn smith as the first full-time coach who is a woman. last summer the arizona cardinals made a similar move, they brought in a woman to coach linebackers during training camp
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>> a great idea and not the last. well, some hey consider new england paitdtriots linebacker to be a hire rowwero on the field, but off the field, as well. >> fleming witnsed a car accident and ended up pulling a woman out of a smoking car. >> and i do express my sincere gratitude and thank you so much. >> she doesn't want to go on camera, but you're hearing from the 25-year-old woman who says darius fleming rescued her from her smoking car last thursday night. she got into a crash in foxborough, massachusetts not far from the patriots stadium. >> i i greatly appreciate it and i'm so sorry that you had a foot injury and i didn't realize you were bleeding. >> reporter: fleming was returning from practice and in
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in her window and pulled her out to safefey. in the process he cut his leg on the window glass and ended up getting 22 stitches. >> i saw the panic on her face. so i just said i'm going to kick the window out. eventually it broke. >> reporter: eyewitnesses from a nearby vet saw it all. >> mr. fleming actually kicked the window, shattered it and then pulled the woman out from safety which her car was smoking. >> he picked her up and took her right out. >> like she was a rag doll. >> reporter: the humble linebacker took off before police arrived. fleming's story however wasn't without controversy. with some on social media ubting his story at first. soon after, fleming tweeted out people are so quick to try to bring you down. so sad. despite his injury, fleming was on the playing field two days after t t heroic rescue playing against the chiefs. the woman he rescued says she's just so thankful and describes
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>> in terms of like the burping vehicle, the doors were locked completely. i could not get out myself. the battery died. and i tried to manually open all the locks andi could not get out myself. the battery died. and i tried to manually open all the locks and i tried to kick amazing. the news at 6:00 is next. police thousand on the hunt for a pair of lady thieves who drugged and robbed two men they met at a bar. new dtail after video of a woman attacking an uber driver creates a social media storm. pool crasher. home opener wakes up to find a big uninvited guest going for a im in his backyard. how would you like to take a wildlife photography class? i'm ari odzer, that t ory coming up.
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then robbed.
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